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CCH Group is committed to meeting and exceeding the requirements and quality expectations of our customers through good management, clear communication, a high level customer service, efficient production procedures and superior quality control techniques.

CCH Group is a third party quality endorsed company, accredited by Equal Assurance Certification and complying with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. Documentation is available upon request. Our quality system has a clear system of accountability which focuses on continuous improvement. Through ongoing evaluation and monitoring the company seeks to exceed the requirements of these standards.

We call on the best consultants available in each technical area.  Our primary consultants include CM Testing Services, Wagners Technical Services and BASF.

CCH Group aims to integrate quality standards into the culture of staff and employees at CCH Group. Each staff member and employee has a responsibility to ensure that this objective is achieved.

Success is measured by the growth of our business, customer satisfaction and our reputation in the market place.


Workplace Health & Safety

The Workplace Health & Safety of all employees and visitors to all sites is of importance to CCH Group. We have implemented a number of strategies to ensure the ongoing safety of all.

Employees are required to adhere to the Workplace Health & Safety regulations and requirements at all times. Appropriate signage, staff training in caring for others, enforcement of relevant licences and pre-employment checks are part of the system.

The company has a dedicated Workplace Health and Safety officer on site to deal with relevant strategy in this area.



CCH Group regards compliance with relevant environmental laws, legislation, our customer requirements, and the implementation of responsible standards, as an integral part of its strategy. The company continues to raise environmental awareness, communicate openly, and consult with management, employees, contractors and sub-contractors on relevant environmental matters. 

The company encourages all to behave in a responsible manner, as far as is reasonably practicable, so as to minimise any adverse effects on the environment.  CCH Group is committed to sustaining the environment in a healthy and safe manner for the benefit of future generations.

Who Are We

CCH Group supply and deliver concrete, aggregates, sand and landscaping materials. We also have a range of heavy equipment including trucks and trailers available for hire.

With more than 30 years of experience in servicing commercial, industrial and residential building projects we can proudly say that we are one of the best in business, a trusted supplier to the customers in our region.

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